Communion Worship

“Do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of me." 1 Corinthians 11:25 (NIV)

Holy Communion Service will be held at the end of our morning worship. The Lord’s Supper will be served. All members and friends of the New Bethlehem Church Family are asked to remain.


ATTENTION—PRESIDENTS OF ALL MINISTRIES: The monthly financial report of all ministries must be turned in on the 4th Sunday of each month.


MAILING ADDRESS Minister Gales and the N.B.B.C. God Family greatly appreciates the outpouring of prayers, well wishes and contributions from our Christian family and the surrounding community. Your support has truly helped us to look forward to the plan God has for us. All correspondence and contributions may be sent to our mailing address:

The New Bethlehem M.B. Church

PO Box 23263

Saint Louis, MO 63156



Project for the completion of our Banquet / Conference Center is still  going on as we move into Phase II consisting of fund raising activities until our goal is reached. Many of you have completed your pledges and continue to support this project. Thank you for playing your part in making this a facility that we will all use and be proud of.  We thank God for His promise and remain faithful in claiming our success.

Sister Carolyn Creswell, Chairperson               Sister Gayle Jackson-Evans, Co Chair


SCHNUCKS COMMUNITY CARD PROGRAM—Please continue to use your Schnucks eScrip Community Card at the Schnucks store where you shop.  Schnucks will contribute up to 3% of your purchases to our church every time you shop and swipe your card. All funds collected will benefit our special Building Fund Project.  It’s an easy way for all of our members and friends to help.

Sister Gayle Jackson-Evans, Coordinator




OUR SYMPATHYMinister and Mrs. Gales, Officers and Members wish to extend our sincere and heartfelt sympathy to the families of all of our members whose loved ones transitioned to life beyond during the past month.  We hold you in our prayers and have faith that God will give you comfort and peace.

NBBC Tech Link— Sometimes there are occurrences in the family that we don’t know about on Sunday. We attempt to keep you informed by sending important messages through e mail. If you wish to receive this information and your e mail address is not currently on file, write your e mail address on your offering envelope.

Our broadcast is now available on your Smartphone! Download the KXEN app (KXEN1010AM) onto your android or smartphone and hear our broadcast live.

We have a personal page at ! From this site you can click on Minister Gales’ picture to hear the full broadcasts for any of the past four weeks.


The Grand Designer

God designed each of us so there would be no duplication in the world. No one has the exact same mix of factors that make you unique. That means no one else on earth will ever be able to play the role God has planned for you!

The Purpose Driven Life


God looked over all that He had made, and it was excellent in every way.

Genesis 1:31 (TLB