Broadcast Ministry

Brotherhood Ministry

Deaconess Ministry

Deacons and Trustees

Directory Committee

Fund Raising Ministry

The mission of the Building Fund Ministry is to foster fundraising activities to support New Bethlehem's growth and modernization efforts.

Members are as follows:

Sis. Florida Cowley, Sis. Wanda Nelson, Bro. Robert Nelson, Sis. Jerri Pullum, Sis. Gayle Evans, Sis. Carolyn Creswell, Sis. Jacqueline Harris, Sis. Claudia Turner, Bro. Frank Turner, Sis. Ruby Dawson, Bro. Mark Smith, Bro. James Henry, Bro. Percy Phillips, Bro. Homer Foster.

Health Ministry

Missionary Ministry

Pastor's Aide Ministry

Senior Ushers Ministry (Group 2)

Senior Ushers Ministry (Group 3)

Sister to Sister Ministry

Student Aide Ministry

Sunday School Ministry

Voices of New Bethlehem Music Ministry

Members are as follows:

Minister Hosea' E. Gales, Minister of Music

Senior Ushers Ministry (Group1)

Junior Ushers Ministry