Minister Hosea' E. Gales

Minister Hosea' E. Gales began his pilgrimage as pastor of the New Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church on October 24, 1975. Since that time he has provided exceptional direction in leading the congregation in becoming totally  devoted to building up the Body of Christ through dedication and service. Pastor Gales has many achievements to his credit as the church leader. A few of those accomplishments are as follows:

  • Completion of the Mortgage Burning Project 
  • Interior and exterior decorating 
  • Remodeling of the sanctuary
  • Purchase of property for additional parking
  • Mobile ministry
  • Upgrading church equipment and technology
  • Providing handicap accessibility
  • Installation of an intra-house communication system

Minister Gales also  serves the St. Louis community through the radio broadcast of each Sunday morning service. He demonstrates his Samartian commitment through Christian service rendered by the Gales-Atkins Home for Funerals, of which he is president.